Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en Masks

I haven't been producing much of import in my studio lately so thought for the next few days I would share with you some Hallowe'en 'art'.

Part of the fun of Hallowe'en when I was a youngster was producing a paper bag mask.  Since groceries were carried in string or paper bags .... had plastic been invented?.....we had plenty of those. 

I had a friend, who had never ever painted or coloured such a bag do up these works of art.  Can't imagine anyone from my era not having painted a paper bag mask. 

These creations could become quite elaborate with string glued on for hair, cutout construction paper appliques....whatever one could contrive and gather.

These 'masterpieces' are also used on my other blog where I visit Hallowe'ens of the past:- turningpointsandidentities

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