Monday, August 8, 2011

Tiger Group Studio and Gallery

In late May I joined a group of “professional” artists. “Professional” I discovered identifies an artist who seriously works at his/her craft; as opposed to ‘art as a hobby’; and who is selling. Well, okay, I am working like hell, but not selling’ so therefore I am an associate, not a full member.

I wandered into the gallery when seeking a gallery to hang my work; the group viewed my work, thought I showed promise and invited me to meet the members. The Tiger Studio Group was established in 1974 ….. and get this …. is an all male group; no females allowed! Wouldn’t you know it … so here I am breaking ground as the first female member. I don’t know if I should be flattered or if I should run for the hills!

Seriously they are wonderful and each has taken it as his responsibility to critique my work and to assist me with composition and colour theory. I have learned so much and feel truly blessed to have so much help. It is so great to enjoy the camaraderie of other artists; to discuss the production of art, to share ideas and discuss ‘art’ in general.

The ‘real’ upside of the group are the art shows and competitions they organize, and I get to participate!

There is a ‘but’ in the stew. I am finding it somewhat intimidating to work with members who have international reputations in the art community and am now opting to work in solitude at home at least three days a week. Here I play ‘my music’, talk to the painting and the walls. When the objects start talking back I head to the gallery/studio to paint.

A few of my recent works for you to see.

Thanks for dropping in!