Friday, October 22, 2010

Work In Progess - Reworking Canvas

Well here I am. A work in progress! Now that doesn’t sound right does it? I suppose I am a work in progress …. however I present here my painting in progress

This is the canvas of golden aspen I have decided to re-attack! And it is indeed a work in progress. Now there are many styles of painting as I am certain you readers are aware. Well, I’m inventing a new one here….it’s called ‘progressive painting’. A bit here, a bit there! Sort of a like a progressive dinner…appetizers at one home, main course at another etc. Remember those. Then you arrived home and finally cooked a full meal!

Sorry, I digress.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this canvas. It’s 40” x 36” and although I am trying to use the largest brushes I have I am finding it ‘Large’!

Also, painting basics dictate I should be painting the background first…then foreground. I am finding with this one I must paint the middle ground first….the evergreen forest area is where my darks are concentrated and perhaps if I resolve this area the rest will follow smoothly. We shall see.

Anyway here is progress of a sort. Hopefully more to show you tomorrow.



  1. I think this painting is so full of potential and hope. Please keep at it I am so sure it will be just marvellous.

  2. This is wonderful, Ruby, and I like hearing of your struggle. It adds more soul to the painting!