Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beamer Trail Sketch

The best laid plans of mice and men!  First my grandson took ill with the same ailment as his father...so both were confined to home  yesterday.  And the weatherman - well he lied!  A lovely, brisk sunny day turned into cloud, drizzle and eventually heavy rain.

So I hiked on my own yesterday and chose the Beamer Trail above Grimsby, Ontario.  I opted to travel the 'down the gorge' trail that runs along the creek.  A difficult trail as it was covered with wet leaves and heavy outcropping of rock.  Definitely easier down than up!  Despite the intermittent drizzle it was a lovely day and I did manage one quick sketch before actual rain fell.

Before the days of digital cameras, I owned a 35mm camera.  I found lugging this camera with all its acoutremets bothersome and very seldom carried on my outings.  Now I have my digital camera constantly with me.  So, yesterday I snapped 75 pictures and my sketching again suffered.  Unless the subject is a sand dune or an old rotted tree, I can not see the 'vision' in front of me. 

I think it is time to leave the camera tucked away in my backpack until after I have successfully completed sketching.  It is time, as you can see from this sketch, to hone my sketching skills and that is where my creative juices will now be concentrated. 

This is the start of the trail, the crest of the falls as it plunges down the escarpment.  Never got close enough to the falls to get a picture of the spectacle.  The trail seemed to miss that, unless there was a trail I missed.

The lovely autumn colours are fast disappearing and today's rain will bring down more leaves so am doubly glad I hiked this trail today.

A view of the water as it cascades over enormous slabs of rock.  There are many, many such drops along the creek.  I was keeping track but lost count for they seem endless. 

It's a long way back to the top!
Not Yet
Maybe around the next bend!
        Success!    It was a long hard upward hike but worth the day!


  1. Ruby, hope every one gets well soon! Nice hike again and I didn't get wet!

  2. Your trees and roots have so much character! It's like each one has it's own personality. Great work!

  3. That did look like a great hike and I too hope all are well and back in the groove.
    Great blog and love the sketches you are doing.