Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time to Paint

These hands haven't been producing much lately.  At least not in the artistic sense.  They've been busy with fall housecleaning chores and a lot of doing nothing!

Time to get back to what matters most to the owner of these hands.  Well, perhaps not most, because certain people in my life matter most.  But my residence is now spiffy clean and I can concentrate on my art.  I cannot concentrate with household matters on my mind!

And from the painting included here you can see I am revisiting an old canvas I started last fall and abandoned in disgust.  I had decide to portray a canopy of gold; I wanted to show an all enveloping golden I eliminated the foreground and moved right into the branches of these lovely aspen.  It didn't work!
I find that often I lack the expertise or knowledge to translate what I am feeling to paint and canvas.  Perhaps a little more concentration or involvement of 'self' is required.

So back to the 'drawing board'.  I took out my original sketch of the scene; one familiar in the Northern Ontario landscape at this time of year.  I studied, contemplated, mused over this sketch last evening and I will make one more attempt and include some foreground and just see where it goes.   Today I will attempt to translate more spirit rather than object on the canvas.....I hope!

Wish me luck, I feel I may need it!


  1. I clean my shop about once a month and then it is so perfect I can't stand it and start another project! I like your Aspen trees, Ruby, love all the golden branches and sense of Fall. Maybe even more branches would be nice? With the huge bare trunks they appear a little too cultivated.
    Yes, good luck with painting and appreciate your clean house!

  2. Enjoy your environment, and just let the painting flow. You have a terrific "start." Feel the breeze and light on your face ... you'll know what to do. Please share the result whether it's this year or next fall. No painting is worthy of abandoning. This one is promising.

  3. I think this painting will turn out to be another of your beautiful tree paintings I like it very much. House cleaning I can not make a comment on that i am better at house messing.