Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Artwork Today - Just Glorious Sunsets

I will admit I have been feeling somewhat despondent. Not a ‘Woe is me” … and, so sorry if that is what I conveyed. Once I digested my health information and started getting downright annoyed I decided, as Jerry suggested, “this man doesn’t know me”, nor does he know what I am capable of!

And of course I should never have played Vivaldi’s Cello – a recent gift. Just a wee bit too somber!.. However I just had to listen to Yo-Yo Ma playing on a 1712 Stradivarius cello using a Baroque bow. Ask me if being in such masterful presence didn’t leave me feeling more than somewhat insignificant. I should have opted for a ‘Stomping Tom Connors”.

So I packed my bags and headed for my cousins. I really don’t know how such a small body contains the heart of this woman. She greets each day as a new day, full of spirit and anticipation of what the day might hold. Her generosity is bottomless giving freely of all material goods she may have as well as all her attention and love. When I am physically ill she arrives with her potions, lotions, vitamins, special teas, rubs and lots of TLC. She knows who I am and what I am feeling without speaking; she asks for nothing and accepts each roadblock as a challenge. We can talk, walk, laugh, cry and be silent together. Just to be with her and share the person she ‘is’ was all the ‘tonic’ I needed. .

So time to ‘pull up my socks’ with new determination and get on with the art of living!

Thank you for the encouraging words from all who commented. I really didn’t mean to sound so bleak!  Your words were so appreciated and will I am certain help me to stay the course!

No art work here today, just a couple photographs, while I work away at my next few blogs ….all about Hallowe’en … and take another look at this ‘humongous’ (sp) canvas weighing over me. This canvas had me feeling like the ancient mariner with an albatrose ‘round my neck – my own doing of course; it is a very large canvas …. But it is not a roadblock!

I truly am blessed in more ways than I can list. Friends and family and love. Blessed with a passion for art. There is no ‘leaking’ roof over my head, I have more than ample food on my table….I still have my mobility and my sight! Just need to fine tune the ‘heart’ a bit! Really, when I sum up where I have been, what I have been fortunate enough to experience …. I am indeed one of the luckiest people today!  And blessed to be able to view sunsets such as these from by balcony and from a Kawartha lakeside shore.

Sorry, not much of a blog today; will hopefully do better tomorrow.

Thanks to you who read and comment. So appreciate hearing from you.


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  2. Now I'll do it right, sorry about the name alteration!!! You clearly don't stay down long Ruby! This is a wonderfl and inspiring post for when we all need to rebalce our lives and gain strength! I'll save it to my favorites!