Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bruce Trail and Post Thanksgiving

I'm starting today the 'calorie wise' way.  Injesting more calories after yesterday's feast with a slice of  both apple and pumpkin pie a la mode....for my brunch!  And the 'turkey trot' continues with yesterday's guest of honour as I make turkey pot pies from the leftovers and turkey soup for my son who has one doozy of a fall cold. A failing of mine, if there is dessert in the house I will start breakfast with dessert!  Consequently I do not make desserts except when company is coming!

But no fear, will work those calories off tomorrow as I head out with my grandson for a day's sketching along a portion of our wonderful Bruce Trail.  The trail runs from Niagara Falls north to Tobermoray on the Bruce Pennisula on Lake Huron.  We of course only walk a portion close to home....not too certain yet whether we will walk the Ancaster or Grimsby trail.  Will leave that up to my grandson. 

Today's photos were taken along the trail in very early spring with the waterfalls just at melt and icy, muddy trails.  Any time is a lovely time to walk the trail but it was especially nice on this walk as we were the only ones to brave the icy inclines.  We were rewarded with wonderful finds we will undoubtedly not notice tomorrow; the beginnings of new greens, a hummingbird nest and gleaming mosses. 

Tomorrow will be ablaze with autumn, and if the weather holds as predicted a wonderful day.  Will not post tomorrow as will be gone the entire day. 

One of the pics included here is of my handsome grandson; my pride and joy.



  1. Ruby, thanks for sharing your hike with us and the wonderful photos. I didn't get tired at all!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day sketching with your Grandson the countryside looks so good.