Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Made in Canada

Here he is folks....Thomas R. Turkey....the guest of honour at today's feast. poor think was missing half a wing so had to foil that.  Lest I offend anyone with the name I have always called my turkey Thomas and R. for my initial!  So dressed, trussed, seasoned and in the oven.  Half hour later than hoped as I neglected to put a catch try under the apple pie and had to clean oven first.

We'll start with homemade butternut squash soup served with a dollop of yogurt and maple syrup....the real stuff!  And on to turkey, dressing, potatoes, baked squash, green beans and carrots mixed with butter, lemon and a dash of brandy; and not to forget broccoli au gratin!  Plus rolls, beets, reslishes, pickles.  Oh, yes, cranberry sauce and cabbage rolls.  Think that should weight them down for a day or two!

I do my thanksgiving dinner on Saturday as my children have in-laws and their father's to attend as they will be doing the 'turkey trot' for two more days.

We will be taking dessert away to my son-in-laws sisters as she is having a dinner today also .... so time for the turkey to settle before the pies, cakes and creams.

Tomorrow I am going to sleep all day and eat nothing!

Yesterday Jerry was wondering if 'anything' was made in USA or Canada anymore.  I do know Thomas is Canadian - he came from a farm near by, but I cannot attest to his feed, I hope it was Canadian.  I have some thoughts on imported goods to our country; perhaps tomorrow. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving - I have a Canadian daughter in law here in England and we are having ours tomorrow - so looking forward to it !!

  2. Wow Ruby, what a feast! Half my relatives are Canadian having escaped from USA years ago! You guys celebrate Thanksgiving a whole month before we do. We do it much the same though, praising gluttony, celebrating with friends and stuffing ourselves. So, I'll show you mine if you show me yours! What is in your stuffing??