Monday, November 1, 2010

Sketching Paradase

Don’t you just love this time of year…..when the leaves have mostly fallen; there are some still about; but you can see beyond the foliage and discover what was hidden from view a few weeks ago.  An opportunity to view the 'hidden' jewels of the forests and fields!

Walking along the bay a few days ago I, once again, took many photographs. 62 as a matter of fact in under an hour. Just so much to see!  It was a very cold and windy day.  A wonderful most people remained indoors!  I pretty much had the trail to myself and enjoyed every moment to indulge in the beauty present under a gloomy sky; and just missed the rain as well!
Look at these berries clinging to branches. They will remain for sometime yet, at least until the birds have picked them clean. Some will get missed and turn wonderful shades of browns, purples and blacks.

And the tree limbs, bark and branches.

Beautiful blue branches of some shrub; textured barks of maples, oak and willow! The angle of the branches, unique to each tree – the bones of the tree laid bare for analysis. And just look at how the vines twine round and round the trees fighting for their place in the sun.

Patterns everywhere, underfoot and rising high.

Here I include the brilliant ochre/red berries of the sarcoxy, the white berries of the dogwood; wonderful purple clumps of berries which I know nothing about; and wild grapes rambling along a fence.

The tufts of the sumac will remain throughout the winter adding its sculptural signature to the landscape.


I thought the mallards would have gone 'south' but here they are nestled in a protective cove out of the reach of a raw wind.


  1. What a wonderful walk, Ruby and I love your description and photographs!

  2. Belles photos pour illustrer et dire bonjour à Dame Automne. Bises