Monday, October 25, 2010

Art and Missed Opportunites

Do you ever have days when you know you should have, could have and didn’t and missed a golden opportunity.

Yesterday was such a day. The city was banked in fog and as I drove along I constantly saw pictures ready for the taking. Still some blazing trees softened and glowing in the foggy atmosphere. Corn stalks waiting in the fields dripping wet with a special colour only seen when wet, great burnt umber brown fields! The sky was a rich opalescence through the foggy mist dripping with hints of pale yellows, oranges and blues; a truly wonderful pearly shimmer!

No, I passed by. On my way to my son’s – the colours and fog will be just the same on his land I thought. To be honest, I was looking for easier fields to photograph, I wouldn’t have to reduce my speed (which I so love) and stop, constantly in and out of the car to snap the photos. Easier to take the pictures at his house. He lives on the river surely all will be the same.

The fog had dissipated by the time I reached his house and most of the trees had shed their leaves. So Missed! A terrific photo opportunity because I was looking for ‘greener’ fields as it were; a more convenient way to take photos.

My grandson and I wandered to the back of their property to snap pictures anyway, I snapped several and then passed the camera to him as he was right down the bank on the river’s edge. He had spotted a muskrat den and want to record on film. All done he passed the camera back, I missed the pass and the camera wound up in the water.  So again today.  The lower city is shrouded in a bank of  fog and I have no camera.  Looks like I'll miss the opportunity again today!

A hard lesson learned! There is no easier way, no convenient way, to produce a work of art whether on canvas, paper, metal or film. If we miss that magical moment of creation it is lost forever. So, to the easel today – don’t want to miss this moment. Oh yes, and have to shop for another camera, no hope for this one.

The painting included here was an opportunity I didn't miss.  Walking through a local conservation area I was taken with the special bronze of leaves remaining on the giant oak trees.  I snapped and produced this painting from a photograph.  I experimented with a 'bronze' colour oil paint and the painting is quite interesting with direct light, the leaves really do glisten bronze!

I'm off for doctor's appointments this morning and running short of time.  Will not be able to post on my other blog.  Have a great artistic day and ‘grasp the moment’ with enthusiasm.

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  1. Sorry about your Camera Ruby! Every six months they are obsolete so now you can get a better one! Something to be said for "Carpe Diem"!