Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Day to Wander

No artwork today…just a day blowing off steam!

Several issues have cropped up in the past few days which have left me in an ill frame of mind! According to the medical specialist I saw yesterday whether or not I have a ‘mind’ or anything else in the future is questionable. His prognosis was indeed not positive and has left me quite angry. After a sleepless night turning over his words I’ve decided to accept his prognosis as extreme and alarmist. Will stick to my general practioner’s verdict and do my damnedest to think positive.

So that’s that.  A second incident occurred which is indeed most troubling. I received a credit card in the mail. Not a fake card with a made up 1,2,3 number. A complete card with actual assigned number, expiry date …. The works. I did not apply for such a card, would not even consider such a card. Why would I want to pay 29.5% to some company for using their card? I recently had my wallet stolen while in the local library; luckily I had little in the wallet; only a bank card which I immediately cancelled. In this day of identity theft the receipt of this credit card has left me with a very deep feeling of dread.

What else may turn up in my name without my authorization? Somehow or other 'my person' feels violated!

Another recent occurrence has also set me on edge. In Canada one has the option to invest sums into a Registered Retirement Plan; money to be held until retirement. This helps reduce income tax by about 30% for the year of contribution.  I took out such a plan, simply because I was earning very high dollars at the time and it was an opportunity to save and reduce taxes.

At a certain age the government insists the plan be converted to a RIF – in a RIF you are required to withdraw monthly sums; with the government getting their belated taxes back at the rate of 10% at withdrawal; and additional tax when filing tax returns based on the total withdrawals for the year.

Okay, fine, I know I have to pay the income tax. But now, the banking institution has levied a service fee of $56.50 for withdrawals that are not included in the monthly withdrawals. So, if you wanted to withdraw an additional, say $100. $10 would be withheld for income tax, the bank would keep their $56.50 and you would have the whopping sum of $33.50!

The bank fees really upset me. The money earned by financial instutions is mind boggling – and they need more! My 92 year old mother is right! I didn’t believe her but I do today. Her philosophy – for all the interest you will earn on a bank account; you will ultimately relinquish in some way either to the government or the institution. How absolutely right she is … think I will adopt her institution  “hide well in a safety deposit box!”.  Or do as another senior I know who 'stuffs in a sock".

Haven’t quite blown off enough steam to approach the artwork in my studio. I think this will be a good day to walk the trails and hopefully my walk will discover remnants of a time when 29.5% interest rates did not exist and 'banks' could, sort of, be trusted to be on your side; and noone wanted to steal your identity, they were busy enough establishing their own!


  1. Hi Ruby, it is nice to blow off steam and I Ranted today in my post as well. Winter must be here. Sorry to hear about the medical "specialist" you went to and I would take his advice with a grain of salt. My voodoo doctor "gave me" (how nice of him!) a 50% chance of survival and my thought at the time is he doesn't know me at all!!! Doctors are like roofer really. If you called a roofing company to inspect your roof they would tell you it needed to be replaced. That is, after all what they do! Years ago my father went to a chemo doctor who told him he needed chemotherapy. Wanting a second opinion he went to a Radiologist who suggest radiation and still not quite sure he went to a surgeon who suggested surgery! As a remodeling contractor most of my life I would tell you that you needed a new kitchen! I do know that whatever happens today is all we really have and knowing that I appreciate all of it and am always hunting for good food!
    Corporations and the banking industry have gone amoke(sp?) here too. Twenty years ago a CEO made six times the wages of his average employee.
    Today that figure is hundreds of times more, sometimes thousands! In the USA 25% of the wealth is now controlled by less than 2% of the people! This is insane and these people don't read their History books. Someday we will take it back!

  2. Dear friend Ruby!... There is not one of us at this time in our lives who doesn't face worry and concern about our aging bodies... and yes, even mortality.

    It strikes me that today's medical technology really amplifies unnecessary worry and greatly reduces the quality of life we do have remaining... if we pay too much attention.

    I would offer my mantra on this issue Ruby. It comes directly from my Grandmother Birrell's Bible:

    "We have two choices we can make to lead our lives. We can choose to live dying... or conversely, we can choose to die living."

    Whatever your prognosis Ruby... lead your life with hope and vitality. I sense those important characteristics are much engrained within "You"!

    I'm going to paint... paddle and seek adventure until my body no longer can support these blessings in my life. It will be at that very moment that I shall rerun my adventures in my head... listen to my music and cruise acceptingly to wherever this life leads "Me"... and without fear!

    "I" wish "You" the same journey Ruby! It's only about choice - Yours alone!

    Many blessings and much Peace!
    Warmest regards... and good Painting!

  3. What can I say that the two above have not already said? Not a lot to be honest but it is indeed good to have a blow out now and again or as Jerry calls it a rant. But one thing I can say is always remember you are not alone.

  4. Wow! Pretty deep all. I think it has all been said. I agree no matter what-You are not alone. A walk certainly does wonders. I myself have gone through the cancer thing and a heat attack along with infection problems from the cancer "cure" over the past 5 years. And last year a crushed heel that I am still trying to work out. Not fun to grow old. But I paint on and rant now and then and take walks. As long as I think I can stand. And praise God for my life and my blessings.
    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog Ruby and God go with you.