Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foggy Morning

We live in a ‘creative’ paradise with our changing seasons and weather patterns…so much to see, so much to express and share. Whether the artist uses written or visual expression the palette is endless. The rage of gales, the whipping of the wind, the velvet softness of snow! The palette varies from season to season and day to day.

Foggy days have a special allure for me. But, come to think of it. .. so do rainy days, stormy days, windy days, frosty days, snowy days, grey days and blue days; not much on sunny days though.

The special qualities of a 'shrouded' day … the light constantly changing as sunlight penetrates the fog … you may start off with a blue or grey atmosphere changing to halos of yellow, pink and gold as the sun breaks through and basks the surrounding with an aura of light which can be seen under no other condition.

There seems to be a silence in the fog as it quietly floats and penetrates everything it meets. A silent mystery inviting exploration of the mind and eye. Wondrous depths to be explored by artistic spirits!

Our part of the country has been engulfed in fog the past two days and I did manage to take time to snap some photographs in the midst of a busy schedule.   Just want to share them here with you.  Possible subject matter for a later painting.  I love the  elements of foggy days; all objects seem to stand enshrouded in mystery awaiting discovery of the passerby.

Back to painting today.  Enjoy the photos.My latest painting took a back seat the past two days as I was enjoying the days in company of my thirteen year old grandson.  We had a great time doing many things, but not painting.

And in the mist there lies
A tender presence
Before my eyes
Hark, are you there
Midst my despair
Do not hide in foggy
Come walk with me
As mist unfurls


  1. Beautiful fog pictures! I love the starkness of the trees against the soft background.

  2. Hi Ruby !.... Love these fog photos! Very wonderful references perhaps... for some Tree paintings???

    Shrouded in mystery and soft colour... I'd love to see "You" crack into one of these! Love the poetry included! Very a propos!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,