Friday, November 5, 2010

I seem to be spending more time out of my ‘studio’ than in lately. Camera in hand I just can’t drink in enough of this beautiful autumn. I’ve been walking and walking …. Perhaps a little more strenuously than recommended but that’s okay!

I made sure I was out on a local trail before dawn two days ago, just had to make sure I captured on film the magical world of frosty mornings….when everything is painted with nature’s paint brush.

As you know there are different degrees of types of frost, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. The painting included today depicts hoar frost (or radiation frost) coating branches and shrubs along the edge of a Northern Ontario lake. A cold, clear night is a requisite for these precious ice crystals to form.

I am also including some photographs taken two mornings; the frost is barely a coating, not as thick and lasting as the frost in the painting. Love frosty mornings; I was getting cold, my toes starting to feel the temperature after four miles of ‘snapping photos’ but I could not leave this beauty of the day without recording in some way.


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  1. Such a beautiful early morning hike, Ruby, and I didn't get tired at all! It is a lot colder up North than here; my fuschias are still in bloom!