Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changes, Accidents

Today's painting evovled by accident; it sort of 'spun' out of nowhere turning and rotating like the 'wheel' of life described in my other blog - without my control or regard for who I 'am'.

It started out to be something completely different, a landscape actually.  And by letting go of control ended up being what you see here.  One of my first attempts at using texture on the canvas (very limited as I was intimidated by texture); and using gold and silver paints.

When I finished I could see a road into 'somewhere' and could only wonder ...."And.....?"..... thus the title.   It has sold, so perhaps someone else is wondering about life and the roads one faces as we spin through this life into a mysterioius and unknown tomorrow.

This painting is used today on my other blog:-turningpointsandidentities


  1. I can see the landscape beginning ... now obscured and haunting. Inspirational piece. I see stairs ... it's like looking through gauze curtains. You captured the mood and color of November in your earlier piece ... those colors are so soothing. Paint on!

  2. It's gorgeous! That's how beautiful abstracts are created, I think... by the artist just letting it flow! Very creative! And great color!

  3. this is astoundingly beautiful. (do not call yourself a "wannabe" artist anymore--i forbid it!)