Thursday, November 25, 2010

Foggy Morning - 1

The past few days have left me running the gamut of emotions. I have recently said goodbye to a friend and compatriot, my brother-in-law. I shall miss his hearty belly laugh, his bear hugs of welcome and departure. I shall miss ‘him’ and his sincere simplicity. I shall not miss watching Altzheimer’s consume his body and mind; so although it is with regret I accept his leaving I am thankful not to have to visit his further deterioration.

In the midst of this, late yesterday I attempted to paint, perhaps to put some emotions and frustrations to rest. A work in progress….

                        And the mists beckon me come follow
                          Its mysteries to reveal
                        I lingered on the edge and laughed aloud
                         You tempt but are not true
                       You are mere illusion, a temptress
                         Eddying round on air and  over ground

                        If I but follow I will find
                         Where you lead is further bound
                        By mists and mysteries yet never to reveal.
                         The answers I seek are as your mist
                        Shrouded and floating always from grasp
                        Leaving me in foggy drifts.

                        And I wonder
                          ‘Where has love gone?’
                         And the mist replies “It never was”
                           But I sensed  it here
                        ”No, it but lingered near”
                           But I grasped in my heart I am sure
                        “ No... it was but illusion”

                       And in the mist as I turn
                        The illusion that is you is gone…..


  1. I love the painting so full of atmosphere and feeling and the words of the poem seem to fit the mood so well. I think I will stop the verse and leave it to the experts.

  2. Don't you dare stop the verse. This is just a meandering mind trying to express current thoughts about death and life.

  3. Pretty powerful poem, Ruby, wonderful and fleeting images. The painting is beautiful with
    the poem and would be beautiful on its own. I am sorry for your loss but happiest that you had the connection. Nothing beats a bear hug!

  4. Dear Friend Ruby.... aside from the beautiful image that "You" have shared here in this post (it is magnificent)... it is the depth of feeling that "You" have so openly shared that touches my heart the most.

    So few people are able... or willing to reveal those innermost feelings and vulnerabilities... I guess they have been trained/conditioned to feel that these expressions of emotion are best contained and remain hidden.

    Sadly, suppressing these merely deepens the feeling of alienation... grief and sadness and delays the healing process.

    Your choice is both brave and constructive Ruby... for both your Self... and for your readers. During such losses... we all feel alone and punished by life. It is a time when one must choose to wallow aimlessly... or celebrate the "gifts" that the departed person has left behind... and move on ... living life fully to the last drop.

    Life is too... too short to waste a second of it on self-pity. It warms my heart to hear you celebrate your beloved brother-in-law's attributes... and to honour his life and passing so eloquently in picture and verse.

    Good for "You" Ruby! "I" salute "You" for your choice. And this morning... your choice lifts my own somewhat lagging spirit to a higher... more positive place and motivates "Me" to take action!

    Thank "You" for sharing Ruby!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards... and prayers!