Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reworking Canvas - Golden Aspen

I’ve been working on this ‘rework’ of golden aspen and still don’t know where it is going or why!

It is a large 40” x 36” canvas, worked in oils.

I really did not do enough planning before I jumped headlong into this one and have now made chalk marks all over correcting a very bad composition.  So some major changes to be made.  For the moment I will let it hang on the wall and continue to stare at it for the next couple months. Maybe the ‘paint fairy’ will come in the middle of the night and ‘fix’!

I have left canvases hang for a period in the past and suddenly seemed to visualize what it was I really wanted the canvas to ‘say’..

Hopefully that will happen with this one in the next couple months; otherwise it will be a discard come January.

The photographs are not particularly good, the one of the full canvas unfortunately seems to show the ‘yellow’ with a brilliance not on the canvas. Having submerged my camera in the river I am using my son-in-law’s and it doesn’t have the photographic options my doused camera had.

The first two photos are portions of the canvas and the third is the entire ‘picture’... which after the chalk marks has changed drastically.  Now that I have marked it all up, I am feeling an "itch" to get back into it!
We will see.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Ruby, I thought I was the only one struggling with art, nice to know I am not alone! Stay with this one please...I a learning from the process and it is far too nice to discard. I am afraid I am almost illiterate when it comes to art, but I know what I like. Maybe the birch trees could have bigger trunks? They look tall and majestic but not enough to hold them up?