Friday, November 26, 2010

Work in Progress

My studio is fast accumulating many 'works in progress'.  And here is another one. 

I worked on this one quite a bit yesterday but still am unable to identify where I am going with this painting.  Lately I feel as though I am merely 'painting pictures'.  Until I can begin again to identify some sort of 'feeling' in these works .... they will remain works in progress.  Hope 'feelings' return to my paintings soon as this small studio is getting somewhat overcrowded.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S.A. friends.  Hope your day is as wonderful as mine was; with family, friends, sharing and thanks!


  1. I like this painting, Ruby, as it stands. Sometimes it is the viewer who adds the feelings.
    Who knows what the artist was feeling? Certainly poets have their images and emotions but they might not be mine. I see a beautiful forest stream in autumn and am reminded of my youthful steelheading days, trying to catch that fish in the cold.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Jerry. So appreciated -- will have to re-look at this one

  3. I agree with stonepost. Those feelings with a painting certainly works both ways. I, also, have paintings that could be finished. I don't know if I will ever get back to them. I admire you for doing that! :-)

  4. if you can't find the angel, find beauty is always available
    hang in there, angelstar

  5. I like this painting very much indeed. It is full of atmosphere. If i had one suggestion it would be to lose the little cross branch I kind of like that keyhol in the tree.