Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tree Identification, Autumn

They say you should not ‘look back to the past’ but forward to the future; some say only for today. But I am not so disciplined that I can walk through gorgeous autumn days without remembering the past and my place in the world today because of ‘my past’and where my roads have taken me.

Autumn leaves, the colours, the crispness underfoot and still how wonderful it is to kick one’s toes through the piles as one walks! The crisp, cool and frosty mornings!   Raking leaves into piles and piles. I know my sister is glad not to have to rake leaves as she has in the past….raking over one hundred leaf bags and more on her country property. But, I still love the piles and still derive joy running and jumping into the leaves! I still smile when I take off my shoes and discover my socks and feet are dirty from leaf debris!   Past joys and present ecstasies!

To walk through the forest and listen as the leaves break away from the tree and fall with an almost imperciptible 'plop' to the ground or are picked by a swirl of wind and wind their way through the air, round and round about your head as they float to the ground.

This is a time of year when I revisit my grade five level ‘tree identification; course, identifying trees from their bark, colour, texture and bud shapes!

The strengthof the mighty oak can be seen in the deep ridges of the bark, the way the tree spreads wide limbs and hangs on to some of ts crispy bronze leaves.  A tree of might and strength, straight and tall that wears its scars with pride.


The black willow, the trunks always seem to 'lean'.  Usually found on water edges they seem to lean towards the source of their nuture and survival. 

And sometimes, if you're really lucky you can find one you haven't seen before or can't identify! 

Enjoy autumn....past and present and hopefully the future!  I am thankful to bask in another autumn.



  1. Wonderful descriptions, Ruby, of a time befor the roar of leaf blowers and mulchers! In being quick and efficient we are losing the poetry and romance of youth and not only the experience of jumping into piles of leaves but the ability and desire to do so.

  2. I am in awe of this post. You capture for me the whole thing of autumn. When oh when is this blog going to be shaped into a book of wonderful memories. You move me with the thoughts you provoke.