Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Beginnings

Enough time spent on re-working canvases where I have lost grasp of the vision. Re-working is fine for me if I still hold the vision; but I have been struggling with canvases that are winding up being courses in futility! So onward!  The reworks are being resurfaced with a wash of solid colour and will hopefully become new beginnings.

I was recently reading Bruce Sherman’s blog - Journaling With Paint;  where he describes painting a landscape scene by initially covering the canvas with black paint. He describes the process and supports with progressive pictures of the painting.

Looks pretty interesting. And, yes I am giving it a try. Now what I display here is barely a beginning and not as refined as what you will see on Bruce’s blog; but it is my beginning and I will see where it takes me.

So … in progress. Another northern Ontario scene!


  1. Good Morning Ruby, I too discovered Bruce's blog and always look forward to his descriptions! I don't paint a lot but when I play at this I have discovered the painting is always in this "wash",
    or preperation gesso that we do to the canvas. I begin it like a mad man usually in white but since I can't stand a blank canvas I randomly through in a variety of color. Still wet, I look at it and realize there is a story in the brush strokes.

  2. go to it Ruby. It is all a learning experience and even after many years of doing this for a living I still paint over and start over on paintings. there are even a few I should.

  3. I like this it looks like it is coming along just beautifully