Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Work in Progress

I know it's spring.....and this is an autumnal scene; not exactly seasonal!  It's been on my sketch pad and hung on my corkboard since fall and I finally am pursuing getting this one sorted out. 
Like me throughout my life; this may very well be a permanent work in progress.  I know what I want to say the problem is saying it.  It is of course a subject tied to my origins in Norther Ontario.
The forests of northern Ontario are primarily evergreen - jackpine, spruce and balsam fir.  The deciduous trees comprise mainly birch and poplar; both of which glow with wondrous golden yellow shades in the autumn.  I've spent much time in this environment and do so want to convey the wonder, the peace, the glorious golden afternoons; the scents, the air, the spirit of a poplar grove..
I'm feeling somewhat intimidated by the task just now, but we shall see where it may very well be 'life long work in progress'

Will keep you posted.

I've used this painting with my Turning Points and Identities blog:-
High School Days - Work In Progress

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