Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Effervescence of Love

I painted this canvas one morning while listening to a tape of love songs.  The more I listened the more I wanted to express the feelings of loving someone. 

How does one portray the happy joy one feels when loving someone; not necessarily physical but emotional elation.  Like a first found love!  The bubbling effervescence!  Like soda bubbles of joy and happiness rising to the surface in a heady swirl of warmth; leaving a permanent smile on one's face!  A recognition that to love someone else is boundless, without restrictions, free to give and inspiring to the spirit.  

Thus the painting....a boundless fountain of bubbles and joy. 

I textured the canvas first with acrylic then painted with oils.  Enjoy.

I have used this painting with my blog on high school days:-


  1. I like this active painting and loved your story of teenage choices! Weren't those days agonizing? I have often thought I wanted to have the years back but not really..I was shy, and not shy, I desired to date and was rarely asked, I loved and pined and thought my heart would break in two..such delicious agony that I don't really miss..I like the feeling of comfort with years of being with someone, the pain of love is softened with was that sappy? Yes it was..haha

  2. What you trying to do today in those blogs Ruby make us all have memories of the firsr ever time we thought we were in love? Loved both these blogs so much.

  3. This painting is very unique. I won't pretend to know art, but I can say this piece does look happy! And I think it's interesting that you avoided typical "love" colours such as red or anything fierce and passionate. This seems to be a calmer love - happy, hopeful, content

    I see you follow Ralph, too. Two wonderful artists in the blogosphere!