Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Painting Potholes filled with Lilacs

Lilacs are in full bloom here in Southern Ontario, cultivars and those a century old or more gracing farmlands and abandoned properties. The cultivars are beautiful and come in many hues; but I love the old fashioned….mauve and purple lilac!

Such abundance of blossoms; wild copses of wonder; they fill the air with scent and colour.

I painted the attached of freshly picked lilacs, in about an hour for my sister. It looked sort of lacking towards the bottom and I added a small pic my sister has of her grandchildren; knowing she would be so delighted.  What a mistake and now she won’t let me 'muck about with it'

Anyone, please help! I know there is something askew with the tiny picture I’ve included…its all off from a perspective point of view; and probably too large.  I feel need to resolve this.....other than taking the picture out completely; don't know what to do!    Would appreciate your comments on how to remedy this bad painting. 


  1. Hi..hope you don't agonize too much over this little picture. One thing to try is hold it upside down and see how it is balanced. Another method is looking at it in a mirror. I love the lilacs such free little paint strokes..very engaging. I wonder if you made the pictures and frames smaller and created tension between them and the vase by allowing a bit of space between them. might be worth a try! Good luck and happy painting.

  2. I did not post a comment on this yesterday i waited to see what others had said. I had already told Ruby what I thought earlier. Kay and I seem to have had just the same thoughts Ruby. We both agree it is good.