Sunday, May 2, 2010

Co-Op Galleries - Riversong Gallery

Delivered some of my paintings yesterday to a co-op gallery located in Neustadt, Ontario. Finally a home for those that have been filling up my home. I Sold some out of this gallery last year so am hoping for the best this year.

For those of you who may not know, a co-op gallery asks for a monthly fee…in this case very, very minimal; and whatever you realize from sales is yours to keep. You may have read in my earlier blogs my chagrin and disappointment in dealing with established galleries in my area.  Let me say this does not include all art galleries, I can only site those I approached and perhaps I was reaching too high too soon.  Not so here. If you work is professional you are welcome to participate whether you are well established or a beginning artist!

The owner is currently updating his website to include participating artists. Check him out; if you live in Southern Ontario it may be an avenue for an artist looking for a place to hang their work.

The painting I display with this blog today is one of a local scene.  Found on Mud Street in Stoney Creek I couldn't resist this wonderful wrought iron gate; the remnants of what once must have a beautiful and proudly owned property. 

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  1. lovely painting. I was approached about a co-op gallery but it it is so tiny and I tend to work I may size it down and go for it another time. I don't have a gallery and have not atempted to find one yet as I feel I need to get the consistancy in my work going..I tend to jump around a bit!

  2. I hope all goes well and you make some sales at this gallery as I am sure you will.

  3. This is absolutely breathtaking. As one who appreciates art that tells a good story... this painting is one of my all-time favorites! Such a story it tells!