Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School Day Doodles

This is primarily what I did throughout my school years.  I doodled.  Often received a wrap across my knuckles by a ruler-wielding teacher.  However, I doodled my way through.    This doodle was done when I was about 11 years of age.

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Turnng Points and Identities.


  1. Hi Ruby!... Thank "You" ever so much for visiting my site and for posting such inspiring and encouraging words!

    I created the site to do exactly what "You" described - to encourage and share with others. It makes "Me" feel so happy that my words somehow encouraged "You"... in one of those "potholes" we ALL often find our Selves. Use those words on your own journey... won't be too long that those pinnacles are reached sooner... and last longer!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    PS WE share a lot of cross-over childhood memories! I love your backyard painting... and will be back soon to see the rest of your lovely site!

  2. That's so cool that you have a drawing from when you were younger. It's really good too!
    I LOVE the winter backyard painting below! The shadows on the snow are gorgeous! The whole thing is gorgeous!

  3. This is an amazing doodle for a 11 year old no wonder you still produce such good art today.