Friday, April 2, 2010

Artistic Spirit

Visions - round and round in my head!  I'm not really 'losing it'; at least I hope not.  Visions of masterpieces I would love to paint!
My artistic creativity level has been at an all time low this past month of March, but now I am itching to paint that masterpiece.   The itch is there but the vision is clouded.
I live in a city, fourth floor of six storey apartment building;  the 'visions' from my windows are not that bad. Look out on a residential street of trim home; or beyond to a bay of Lake Ontario....lots of green, and highrises popping up midst the green.  For some artists enough vision to keep them painting I am sure.
I recall one artist saying (Milne I think) to be successful as an artist one should paint one's own backyard.  You would think a cityscape would be my backyard, I've lived so long in cities.
I cannot find a creative spirit here; someone said 'close your eyes and imagine'.  I really did try this.....see only thunderclouds. 
So time for my creative spirit to take a hike out of this area and head the sands, water, waves and wind of Lake Huron.  Will let you know in a week if this lowly 'wannabee' artist has rediscovered her vision embracing the wind and water of Lake Huron.
Wonder what other artists do to rekindle their creative spirit, or if they even need to rekindle!

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  1. I long for the return of the wilderness lady. Yes close your eyes and you can be anywhere you want to be. You need to keep them closed long enough to belive you are there then you need to feel being there then you reach for the paint and you paint what you feel. It does help though if you open your eyes again.