Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Pinnacle

One of the highlights of my childhood summer days was when the pony game to town! A young man would walk door to door through town offering to take pictures of children on the pony. I think every child in our town had his or her picture taken on the pony. Loved horses!

This is of myself … the one at the back and my younger sister. My sister got to wear little strapped shoes and light dresses….I had oxfords. Sturdy, brown oxfords …. because I scuffed the life out of them, climbed trees, fences, waded through mud and into the swamp. Tore belts off dresses, tore down hems and popped buttons in some sort of scuffle. Almost always had a scraped knee, scratches and slivers. Wonder why my sister didn’t?! I’m surprised I have a light colour dress in this photo…. they usually dressed me in red or brown! Any way this is linked to school days….this was the summer we moved to our new home and miss meany school teacher.

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