Friday, April 30, 2010

Nature's Pinnacle

This painting 'Frosty Spectacle' accompanies by ‘first impressions’ blog about my high school days. Hoar frost is a common site on trees and shrubs during winter and particularly spring months when night temperatures drop drastically and capture the days moisture in frosty wonder.

A common site, a ‘first impression’ passed by many. On closer inspection one can see the wonder of the frost, the dancing lights where sunshine strikes; a spectrum of blues not to be found anywhere else.  I really wanted to capture the magical feeling of the blues, greens and reds I saw in this spectacle.  I hope I have succeeded.

This scene was brought to my attention two winters ago and finally found its way to my canvas. I can still recall the moment; and many other such moments of frosty delight growing up in Northern Ontario

This painting is used my other blog:-
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  1. Not easy to capture but you have managed it well here Ruby well done.