Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reworking a Painting

I've tried to recapture the moment for the glowing sunset seems to be an impossible the painting is evolving into something entirely different; something to suit today's mood and inspiration.

Left the studio yesterday to take a deep breath of spring!  Each year as spring returns I breathe a sigh....I am still here and able to enjoy another spring!
So today I will only post some of my wanderings of spring.
The first photo show Japanese Shakura Cherry blossoms in full bloom....wish I could also send you the heady aroma of these beautiful blossoms!

This photo shows the glowing forsythia.  We don't have fields of daffodils here in Ontario so many gardens include this brilliant herald of spring.

So fortunate this year, I have seen four white swans.  They had all but disappeared from our bay so it is a wonderful sight to see them.  Here mother sits awaiting her brood, oblivious to all eyes watching.

And dandelions gracing fields and abandoned properties.   Who could deny spring is here when these golden heads appear.  Apparently dandelions are not native to Canada but were brought here by early settlers.  Now considered a 'weed' many 'lawn proud' owners go to extensive length to obliterate the plant from their landscape.  They really are quite invasive.
My grandmother would send me into the fields to collect first the leaves for salad, the roots ... but I can't remember what she used those for....and the flower heads to make dandelion wine!

And, you just have to love the vibrant russet tones of these poplars before they turn green.

Soon to be white flower heads....almost like snowballs.  And look at the red branches of the dogwood. 

And finally a pink bud tree in full bloom.  

Yes finally it is spring and I feel my spirit soar as it does every spring.  New beginnings for flora, fauna and mankind alike!  I am blessed indeed to see another spring and simply cannot remain in a painter's pothole when everything around is striving to reach its pinnacle of perfection. The robins are 'chirrupping' their calls at 4 am and start my painting day.

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  1. The roots of dandelions make lovely drinks if mixed with burdock. Lovely pictures Ruby food there for many good paintings I think. Why no daffodils? Can the bulbs not grow?