Thursday, April 29, 2010

Copper Daze

I painted this from a quick sketch and a backup photo. 

The lastof the oak leaves shining with a copper lustre that just seems to sing against the landscape  Reminded me of walking through autumn leaves on my way to school and walking my children on their school days.  Romping and raking leaves always leaves such a song and the 'coppery scent of the leaves as they gather on the ground!

I had bought some metallic paints and was so fascinated with the capabilities of these paints.  Used separately or mixed with other pigments.I went overboard here I think with the copper paint.

I used this painting on my other blog:-High School - Turning Points

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  1. Often a danger of trying something new have just spent the last two hours doing just that and ended up with nothing. I like this painting Ruby nice one