Monday, September 6, 2010

Throw Away Paintings - A Different Vision

While painting I reach a point where I take a photograph of the work; this sometimes helps me see the painting in a different perspective.  Recently my grandson was looking through my photos and commented on one I was about to 'throw away'. 
When I reviewed the actual canvas and the photo I was convinced it needed trashing.  However, when my grandson looked at the photo he saw a different perspective and vision.
There at the bottom of the photo was the edge of my easel; the tray covered with a cling wrap which I use to collect any stray or misguided paint.  He suggested I incorporate this area into the bottom of the painting.  And it worked, it gave the painting depth which was so lacking in my vision. 
Some times all we need is a different perspective!
My thanks to Ryan without whom this painting would not exist!.

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