Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reviewing Artistic Past

Here I've been agonizing over my artistic development - rather,  lack of!  Complaining to the 'powers that be' and anyone else who might listen - about this and that and the other!  Feeling I am going nowhere and my art is becoming less and less expressive of my visions.   Feeling that I am merely painting for the sake of painting and really saying 'NOTHING'.  Recent health issues have pulled me up short and lacking stamina to begin any new artistic ventures has given me the opportunity to constructively review where my art expression has been and where it might  be going.....rather than simply complaining and whimpering!

What a blessing in disguise.  I now have time to simply sit and leaf through old sketch books and drawing scraps.  It is an interesting  and enlightening journey; and hopefully will bring me back to my visions by the time I am able to pick up brushes again.  

In the next little while I'd like to share some of my past artistic journeys with you.  Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy looking back.

The attached sketch was done on site; an old decaying cedar precariously situated on the edge of a sandy dune.  Earlier this year I revisited the site hoping to paint this in oils.  Unfortunately the tree has either fallen away or been removed.  So no oil of this tree.  But I think it was meant to be simply a sketch that tugged at my vision for a moment in time.


  1. This is a stunning sketch. I love your style. Please post more, and talk about your technique. I want to learn more about sketching!

  2. It is indeed a marvellous sketch