Monday, September 20, 2010

Artistic Ventures -- Exploring Different Mediums

Reading Katherine's blog this morning and her experience learning how to use watercolours.  Made me think of a student watercolour I have kicking around here.  And here it is Katerine for will notice all sorts of 'wrong' stuff in this one ... at least if you are a watercolour 'purist'. 
Well, I consider these 'purists' to be somewhat snobbish.  Seems to me no matter how the paint behaves or how you apply it, it will always be your expression and that is what is so important about art.....your expression and the freedom to do so!
Don't let watercolour frustrate you.  Take your time and enjoy.  Love what you have done already and the more you do the more confident you will become.
The market is ever changing to assist watercolourists....there is now a stretched canvas available that allows you to paint in watercolour and seal with acrylic longer requiring framing under glass.  So maybe I can afford to look at watercolours again.
In my 'sneaky sneakers' shown here you will notice the floor area around the shoes looks rather messy......I had to wet the area and blot out excess paint with a cloth.  But that's okay, it was a learning experience and the picture still conveys what I wanted to say; albeit not in a gallery fashion
I recently tried to use acrylics.  ... Look at my earlier blog 'Acrylic Failures' for some really bad painting using a different medium.  Wish I had done half as good as you with your exploration of watercolour.  Congratulations on your latest them all.

See my other blog where I talk about television when it was 'new'.turningpointsandidentities.


  1. I'm flattered and honored that you posted this for me! I love the shoes. I can't even imagine painting a whole composition at this point. But the advice you sent me about handling the lines that dry into the paint was wonderful. I'm going to try again tonight!

  2. You are far too modest on yourself. This looks like a great painting to me.