Sunday, September 19, 2010

Up Close and Personal - Coloured Pencil

Today I though I'd include a coloured pencil sketch.  I have very few of these remaining as they seem to have been scooped up as soon as they were completed.  This one has survived, because it is not yet completed!  Think I just may leave it this way!

This was not an ‘up close and personal’ in the sense I was not sitting close to the subject. I did however attempt to understand and ‘feel’ the images seen through an old farm house window....cozy and warm inside; cool and crisp outside.  Love cold crisp days when the sky seems so pure and blue, the snow so white and shadows so wonderfully dark.

Don't know that I captured all I wanted to say in this one, thus it sits incomplete.  I may have overworked it now and lost the vastness of the snowy fields.....the crisp edges we see on clear, cold days.  Any comments or help you can offer would be so appreciated.

I do want to do something with the window muntins and plan to cut matting in two layers, one on top of the other and sketch in the putty, missing putty, chipped paint…..all the good ‘stuff’ that makes old wooden framed windows so beautiful.   The photo here is just a suggestion, contemplating size and placement of muntins over sketch.  It is slightly askew; don't know if I will leave that way or not just yet.  We shall see. 

I seldom sketch in pencil anymore except for working sketches; it is so costly to matte and frame sketches I tend to stay with the cheaper presentation methods of oil on canvas.  I have purchased a couple watercolour ‘canvases’; new on the market.  These allow the artist to paint using watercolours and to ‘glaze’ the finished work eliminating the need for framing under glass.

Will look into these on another day also.  Seems I have quite a bit of 'another day' lying about this studio.

Hope you enjoy today’s sketch.


  1. Its a beautiful winter scene just the way it is! I love the softness of the snow and the surrounding dried plants, and the shadows in the snowdrifts. Nice job!

  2. I understand your reference to "another day." I have a studio full of those pieces too. Nice sketch ... I've recently been enjoying charcoal for plein aire work ... too lazy to bring the oils. Thanks for sharing.