Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank You

First of all .... Thank you!  Everyone who commented yesterday; truly uplifting to read your support.  Many, many thanks. 

I did not rent comedy movie tracks; but I did watch six hours of Lord of the Rings; one of my favourites; and a couple John Grisham; and you know what a 'good day' ensued!  Albeit, by the time I watched nine hours of movies there wasn't much day left to worry about!

Yesterday on his blog, 'Hang Art' Jerry talked about the changes in weather patterns …. happening worldwide by the way. Please take a look, Jerry has such interesting blogs.

Yesterday in my area it was 40 degrees Celsius (factoring in the humidity); Thursday it is expected to be 46 degrees Celsius with humidity! My window air conditioners are working overtime now; heaven help Thursday.

Humidity! Dog days of summer! So I went walking at 5 a.m. attempting to exercise before the day truly heats up. Forget it … not a chance for the sweat to dissipate today …. Left feeling clammy, returned soaked;  walking was like slogging through thigh high water … each footstep an arduous pull. Clothing clinging, eyes stinging, you can smell the carbon in the air … humidity mixed with southern Ontario’s living particles … a great combination!

On a clear, non-humid day, looking at the horizon one can see a lovely pale yellow streak stretching as far as the eye can see. Don’t be fooled …. this is not one of nature’s ‘beauty marks’; it is a mixture of emissions from our refineries and steel mills on Lake Erie mixed with the emissions from Detroit across the lake….. it is sulphuric acid and floats merrily over lake and land!

So on humid days, people with respiratory problems check the ‘air quality advisory’ before venturing out of doors for any labour tasks. Not only do we have industrial emissions; we mix in car exhaust as well, and whatever you may imagine to create a cordial cocktail for all our beings to inhale. 

Yeah, it’s going to be a hot one today! Would be nice to head north to the forests; however those recesses aren’t as refreshing or soothing as years past; weather change is affecting northern landscapes as well.

So lots of water today and stay indoors.  This is the water I long for today … about four hours north of where I live; painted en plein aire … and finished in my studio last year.


  1. Nice painting, Ruby! If I live long enough one day I will get the hang of this! Thanks for the plug, I am glad you find my posts interesting. Topics are sometimes difficult to come by! John Grisham is not exactly what I had in mind. I do like his writings and they make great movies but I was thinking laughter and not too serious. Yes, the weather is strange everywhere and we are breathing it. We will become what we eat for sure! Stay awake, that is your job. I like your posts!

  2. Love this painting Ruby and the post sorry I missed it at the time it was posted.