Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Right! It’s time for New Year resolutions! Do you make these resolutions?

Once upon a time, and far, far away ….. I made New Year Resolutions. The list inevitably consisted of ‘lose weight, be a nicer person, lose weight, show understanding to someone I absolutely could not tolerate, quit smoking, lose weight’. Had I resolved to ignore the person I could not tolerate I would have succeeded; had I resolved to smoke like a chimney, eat like a hog, I would have succeeded.

I don’t know about you, but by midnight January 1st my resolutions had taken wing and would line up to be considered anew the following new year. Finally somewhere along the years I realized these resolutions had as much commitment as giving up chocolate. And that year I made a resolution I could keep ….. I resolved never, ever to make another new year resolution. Finally I met with a measure of success!

Why is it we look inward at the beginning of a new year and identify what we would like to change about ourselves, why do we not do this daily. If these resolutions made at new year are so important, why do we not pursue them every day; without a ‘resolution’?

I struggle daily with ‘things’ I would like to change – about myself and who I might be, about my environment and the ‘path’ I walk … so this year I will continue as I did last year and the years before, I will continue through life’s journey without the crutch of a new year resolution; endeavouring to meet each daily new beginning headlong with courage and faith. I will probably continue to make wrong moves … but that will be fine; and who knows I may unknowingly do some good along the way. Whatever evolves the only resolution I will take with me is to give “it my all”!

I did however, make a commitment to myself last night; to start the new year painting and that is what I am doing and include here today’s work in progress. Apologies for the quality of the photograph, wet paint not copying too well.

Good luck with the resolutions.


  1. Happy Today, Ruby, and all of them in this year.
    Sometimes this path we are on is debris filled and we must step over broken glass. Yet we keep going because there is no other way. I choose to carry only light baggage, things that don't weigh very much. Laughter and hope carry me. All along the way between the garbage we can find the jewels, diamonds are everywhere.

  2. Wonderful Jan. 1 post. Your thoughts are reflective of my own. The waterfall is kind of symbolic, I think. With the bright light at the top,and the streaming water pouring out of it, full of colors. Very nice!
    I like Stonepost's comment about carrying as little baggage as possible. All that mental baggage that weighs us down and clouds are present, let it go!

  3. I so agree. My problem is I always forgot the resolutions..even if written down! I take that as a sign that I was never too committed to them. I have really been trying to keep my thoughts on simple pleasures. I spend a lot of time taking photos of our mountains and clouds, going out to star gaze at the we morning hours. Watching my chickens. Why a date becomes so important is beyond me. My biggest concerns seem to be the ones I struggle with all the paycheck to paycheck, robbing peter to pay paul, and my biggest struggle this past year was the why and what of my I am choosing, not resolving, to try to keep it simple and just do what I can do on any given day. I wish you a wonderful fulfilling year ahead.