Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Painterly Approach

 Can you define painterly for me?  What exactly is painterly?  As I understand it 'painterly' means being able to identify the artist's hand on the work of art.

I've been advised that art buyers are attracted to the 'painterly' works of art and that perhaps I need to become more 'painterly in my approach. 

Okay so here I am trying to get painterly. Without too much success at the moment I think. Are large gobs of paint on the canvas considered to be the best painterly approach?  I tried that and didn't like what was happening so smeared those about.  All right then .... how about direct applications of colour in quick swabs?  I tend to mix colours on the canvas better than on the palette so the quick swabs weren't quite working either.

Perhaps for me the answer is the palette knife, something like the second painting included here. 

I will struggle with this a bit more.  I prefer to meld all edges and colours on my canvas; that seems to work best for me.  However ... an afternoon of 'painterly' in pursuit!

Anyway, another work in progress ... trying to get painterly!

Don’t know. What is painterly?


  1. Wow, I love the palette effect, fast, alive, I can hear it, I can feel it. I am just trying to figure out what painting is all about and now you throw "painterly" at me! Each profession has its own vocabulary. Now you have given me more to study!

  2. Thank you Jerry, I think you've just defined 'painterly' for me. You said you can feel the effect in the palette knife painting. And, I think you may nailed it down ... at least for me. The viewer should 'feel' no matter what 'painterly' approach is used.


  3. stick with the top one. looks much more natural for you.