Friday, March 26, 2010

More Doodles

I know an artist should be equipped with a sketch book and should tote said book at all times. However I found it a bit noticeable to carry around a sketch book in my work place….especially at management meetings. So I continued my doodle days straight from school workbooks to board rooms. Usually capturing participants at meetings.
Unfortunately not all participants are included in today’s attached art, as I cannot locate the bulk of the meetings doodles.
Why is that?
There is no pothole in my studio, there is a huge gushing quicksand pit … honestly there is! Every once in awhile I can hear it slurping in the dark of night, a swirling vortex sucking into its depth exactly what I will need tomorrow.
I know this because; although new visitors to my studio are intimidated by the space and seldom venture past the door ….(every square inch of wall space and floor space is covered with either completed works, works in progress, notes or materials)….there is still order in this room. And after all there is still two square feet of bare floor space in front of my easel albeit a tricky journey from door to easel. There is order, I know where everything is…..except the doodles I now seek.
So, here are some of my workplace doodles….those not claimed by the quicksand pit. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Now that sounds very familiar to me. Yesterday i got up smart and headed to the art supply store because I wanted to paint and what was in my head needed yellow paint. Tube of paint purchased I returned to begin. On reaching over to get the tub of white I discovered in my hand a large tub of, yes you guessed it, yellow. But you see with my method of working all my paint tubs look similar because of the mess of the hands that pick them up. Maybe that is where the lost socks are also.

  2. Indeed, your socks could well have found their way into a swirling vortex! Thanks for looking and your comment Ralph