Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Artistic Doodles

Why am I doing this…..where did it begin…..this passion to create a work of art?
My passion is to create on canvas the song I hear in my heart, the joy that leaps on viewing a certain scene in nature, a certain motion in another human, or just the song of memory in my mind.
Although I question what I paint, how I paint and why I paint I cannot seem to abandon the passion to create.
Where did it all begin?
I have always ‘doodled’ I guess would be the word. Many, many times have my knuckles been wrapped by some teacher's yardstick for doddling all over my workbooks.  But it couldn't be helped....the droning of his/her voice or the boredom of the lesson just sent my mind adrift in a world of creative wonder.
Retaliation always gave such sweet pleasure when I would draw an ugly portrayal of the teacher in the back of my workbook. Unfortunately I usually forgot to black out these uglies when it was time to hand notebooks in for marking. And oh yes, my parents were advised…..boil and bubble double trouble!
This should have been clue enough to abandon my wayward art ways.  But no.....why take the easy road ....slog through the potholes of teacher knuckle wrapping and parental'll never make a living as an artist....they're all homeless hippies!  Take the road to questioning every thing I put on canvas.   Follow the passion be it late.
Here is a full page doodle from a school book, done when I was 11.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Well I could not even doodle that now so if this was done at 11 all I can do is bow my head in respect. Think of this there are many worse things in life to have the urge to do .