Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frost Along The Way - Palette Knife

And here I am once again.  Sometimes life just becomes too involved to allow free time to do what we would 'rather do' ... such as posting a blog.

Been very busy of late, not too much in pursuing my artistic endeavours.  Family and so much else. 

Returned my leased car; and I must admit being 'wheel less' hasn't quite registered yet.  Not paying the exhorbitant auto insurance rates is quite enjoyable!  My insurance went up nearly 40% for the next year ... and that is accident and ticket free!  Three areas in Ontario have been designated 'highest claim areas' and unfortunately Hamilton is one of the locations.   Consequently a $600 hike for the year.  So I've renewed my shoe leather, purchased a local transit pass and will be joining the masses standing in bus lines!

One thing I did miss recently was my computer.  My daughter took 'old Lizzie' away to try and load Windows 7.  It didn't work!  Looks like I am in the market for a new one soon.  In the meantime I now have my computer back as it was and all is right with the world!

Oh yes, right!  This is supposed to be my painting journal. 

Attached is another palette knife endeavour.  This one I call 'Frost Along the Way'.  Am loving working with the palette knife; but haven't been doing much lately.  The gallery where I displayed my work has closed shop so I am currently looking for a place to hang my paintings; all 32 of them.  Looking with little success; it seems no one wants to hang landscapes.  I am certain landscapes will again become the art purchase of choice; and my children will be able to unload them long after I have departed for sunnier climes!

Thinking about what I might paint next; perhaps work on some of the old trees I have sketched.  Without a car I will not be able to visit my favourite painting haunts and may have to change subject matter.  Perhaps being without a car will be beneficial in may ways. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest palette knife painting!

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