Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aplogies and Futility

Apologies are in order. So sorry, I have been away from the world of ‘blogging’ for quite some time without any explanation and I apologize.

The second apology is for the quality of the photos attached to this blog. I still haven’t replaced my ‘water logged’ camera.

About my absence, I got caught up in the day-to-day tasks of living from December to March with mother in residence with me. I found that I was really reluctant to spend time on the computer or painting as I felt I was taking away time to spend with her. She is as you know almost 93 years of age and I know how important it is for her to spend time with her children; doubly important for me to spend time with her. And, unfortunately it takes time to adopt a new routine. So here I am once again, ready for the blogging world.

The paintings attached here are the results of a ‘self taught course’ I’ve been pursuing in my artistic development. The course is called “FUTILITY, FUTILITY, ALL IS FUTILITY’.

I give up, I concede. It doesn’t matter how much paint one plasters on a canvas… cannot ‘fix’ a canvas that is not working. But I’ve been working diligently, determined to succeed ….. ‘ah ‘tis futile’.

I am reluctant to give up on almost anything; the waterfalls is a large 30”x36” canvas … and to think I stretched it myself!

However, off to the bin with these two. I am determined to look at neither again. But, who knows I may get lucky in the next few days and be invited to an event for someone I really don’t like …. And they get the waterfalls!

This lesson has not been without rewards however, I have discovered a new approach to painting, which I will discuss tomorrow.

Once again, apologies; hope I still have a few readers out there.


  1. Ruby it is so nice to see you back! How cool to be on the list of people that you don't like!
    I think the waterfall is great, I hear it and can feel the mist!